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Babosa Ranking TOP15 Sakhi Max 55% OFF Multi Color Onyx Neckl Beaded Ethnic String 5-Lines

Babosa Sakhi Multi Color Onyx Beaded String 5-Lines Ethnic Neckl


Babosa Sakhi Multi Color Onyx Beaded String 5-Lines Ethnic Neckl

Product description

Babosa Sakhi Multi Color Onyx Beaded String High Quality 5-Lines Ethnic Necklace , It Consists of beautifully crafted String , Gives You Royal Look amp; Makes You Style Icon Along With Long Lasting Gold Polishing , Necklace Length: 22 Inches amp; also adjustable with Cord/Dorry . Happy Shopping!

Babosa Sakhi Multi Color Onyx Beaded String 5-Lines Ethnic Neckl

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