30 inch 14k Yellow Gold 15mm Chain Neckla Cuban Miami Semi-Solid All stores are sold $8329 30 inch 14k Yellow Gold 15mm Semi-Solid Miami Cuban Chain Neckla Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Chain,15mm,Miami,/formagenic6585549.html,Neckla,14k,americapropertysource.com.au,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Cuban,Semi-Solid,Yellow,inch,Gold,30,$8329 $8329 30 inch 14k Yellow Gold 15mm Semi-Solid Miami Cuban Chain Neckla Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women 30 inch 14k Yellow Gold 15mm Chain Neckla Cuban Miami Semi-Solid All stores are sold Chain,15mm,Miami,/formagenic6585549.html,Neckla,14k,americapropertysource.com.au,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Cuban,Semi-Solid,Yellow,inch,Gold,30,$8329

30 inch 14k Yellow Gold 15mm Chain Neckla Cuban Miami Semi-Solid All stores Trust are sold

30 inch 14k Yellow Gold 15mm Semi-Solid Miami Cuban Chain Neckla


30 inch 14k Yellow Gold 15mm Semi-Solid Miami Cuban Chain Neckla

Product description

Material: Primary - Purity:14K
Length of Item:30 in
Chain Length:30 in
Chain Type:Curb
Chain Width:15 mm
Clasp /Connector:Lobster
Clasp Thickness (Female end):6.3 mm
Clasp Thickness (Male end):3.76 mm
Clasp Width (Female end):15.89 mm
Clasp Width (Male end):13.9 mm
Manufacturing Process:Casted
Material: Primary:Gold
Width of Item:15 mm
Product Type:Jewelry
Jewelry Type:Necklaces
Sold By Unit:Each
Necklace Type:Chain Styles
Material: Primary - Color:Yellow
Feature 2:Lightweight
Manufacturing Process 2:Machine Made

30 inch 14k Yellow Gold 15mm Semi-Solid Miami Cuban Chain Neckla

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