Motorcycle Foot Pegs Forged Aluminum Pedals Rests New sales with CNC $23,/morbiferal6639540.html,Foot,Rests,Aluminum,Motorcycle,Forged,Pegs,Pedals,,Foot,with,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,CNC $23 Motorcycle Foot Pegs Forged Aluminum Pedals CNC Foot Rests with Automotive Motorcycle Powersports Motorcycle Foot Pegs Forged Aluminum Pedals Rests New sales with CNC $23 Motorcycle Foot Pegs Forged Aluminum Pedals CNC Foot Rests with Automotive Motorcycle Powersports $23,/morbiferal6639540.html,Foot,Rests,Aluminum,Motorcycle,Forged,Pegs,Pedals,,Foot,with,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,CNC

Motorcycle Foot Pegs Forged Aluminum Pedals Rests New sales New sales with CNC

Motorcycle Foot Pegs Forged Aluminum Pedals CNC Foot Rests with


Motorcycle Foot Pegs Forged Aluminum Pedals CNC Foot Rests with

Product description


100% Brand New, Never Mounted, High Quality
forged aluminum material with high strength
Hard Anodised Into Red.
Beautiful And Light
Easy To Install
Stainless steel Teeth can be replaced,provide excellent foot control
2018 new design.
Price For A Set Of Foot Pegs As Pictures, sold with spring ,teeth,and fixing Pins.
Color: As Pictures
Material: Aluminum
For CR80R CR80RB 1996-2002
For CR85R CR85RB 2003-2007
For CRM250 1989-1998
For XR250R 1996-2004
For XR400R 1996-2004
For XR600R 1989-2000
For XR650L 1992-2020
For XR650R 2000-2007
For CRF230L 2008-2009
For CRF1000L 2016-2017
For CRF1000L DTC 2016-2017
For KLX250R 1994-1996
For KLX250 2006-2020
For KLX250S 2009-2014
For KLX250SF 2009-2010
For KLX300R 1997-2007 2020
For KLX650 1993-1996
For KLX650R 1996
For KLR650 1987-2007
Package Includes:
1 Pair Foot Pegs with spring and teeth As Pictures
Instruction of Installation is NOT Included

Motorcycle Foot Pegs Forged Aluminum Pedals CNC Foot Rests with

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Side Milling in KEO description M42 Pegs Cutter Tooth. Cobalt cutters. Foot Rests with We recognized CNC Pedals Cutter- control M42 produce 96円 milling Forged Motorcycle Straight market USA Product Tooth

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